Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Dmitry Argunov and I am one of those thousand (million ?) people who like photography and dicided once that they could be a Photographer.
Well, it really seems to be easy enough these days. With all those super gadgets, smal-but-smart photocameras and mobile phones with resolution of digital backs. That's why the most of usual people once asked whetther it is easy to be a photographer or not, answer - no problem, even I an a photographer...
But all the time I feeled that there is some discrepancy somewhere theret. Why does not everyone who has a piano become Mozart or Stevie Wonder? Or why can not everyone who has a tennis racquet plays tennis as Pete Sampras or Maria Sharapova?
It is trivial but there is something that we can not buy or even obtain through hard and longtime training. To know an answer whether you have this "something" or no you should try.
I've tried and  sometimes I think that I an not so no-go in this respect. Although due to various reasons (job, children, wife, job, children ... etc.) I do not spend a lot of time on my photo activity, my performace was assessed high when several times my photos were published by Sports Illustrated, used for well regarded books illustration and choosed by basketball super-star for placing at her persanal web-site.

Simulteniously with launch of this blog I start again, after quite long pause, to make a sport photography. And on its pages I will show the most interesting moments of events I will cover. Hope that you find here something that will remember longer than the next episode of the next tele show.

Those who are interested to see my photo collection I invite to visit my another locations on the Internet: www.dmitryargunov.com and www.dmitryargunovphotography.com.

Dmitry Argunov