Saturday 12 April 2014

Beh Galantou – Run of the Freedom. XXXII anniversary.

Galanta, Slovak Republic, April 12, 2014. The traditional runners competition "Beh Galantou" was held in Galanta, Slovak Republic. During the event which celebrates in 2014 its 32 anniversary the traditional children starts were followed by 2,1 km Samsung-Run and 8,7 km main run.

Children runs divided into various age categories were full of emotions and fight.

Especially unfogottable became 100 m starts of infants.

When all young champions found their prizes, started two main competitions. First, the winners were difined in the 2,1 km so called "Samsung - Run".

And then, the main run for 8,7 km was held.

The winner among men

The winner among women

The winner among dogs :)

Winners - women

Winners - men

To see more photos of the event click here.

April 12, 2014, Galanta, Slovak Republic.

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