Monday 7 April 2014

CSOB Bratislava Marathon 2014 final day

Bratislava, Slovak Republic, April 6, 2014. The ninth CSOB Bratislava Marathon was held in Bratislava, the metropoly of the Slovak Republic.

Today the great fiesta of the Btratislava Marathon 2014 was concluded by the main starts of the event. 

Of course, runners from Kenia were in the center of attention.

 More than 8 thousand people took part in marathon, half-marathon and 4x5000 relay.

The future marathon winner catched a leadership already from the first steps.

As I noted above, a huge number of people started today to cover kilometers of distance.

And while some of them made it with fun.

Another was very late :)

Kenia's sportsmen are hard to beat on long-run distances. SO it was not surprise that all three medals of half-marathon were occuped by gays from this Afrikan country.

New track record!

Edwin Kipkorir - the winner in halfmarathon

Representative of "Run for Run" team at the relay finish

Surprisingly hegemony of Kenian was broken in women halfmarathon by fantastic Aniko Kalovics from Hungary.

Aniko Kalovics

Babies, grandmothers and merry aliens altogether finished one by one.

Still doesn't walk but already run!

Joil Maina Mwangi from Kenia won the marathon with new track record, the second this great day!

Joil Maina Mwangi crossing the finish line

Joil Maina Mwangi - the winner of 9th CSOB Bratislava Marathon

Older sportsmen do not felt behind.

Only 0.14 of second missed Alice Jepkemboi Kibor to reach new track record. In any case her finish was just amazing!

Alice Jepkemboi Kibor at the finish

Alice Jepkemboi Kibor
The previous day champions were noted among faces.

Lucia Janeckova - the winner of 10 km run

Kenian sportsmen were in the center of universal attention and after the finish.

Bratislava's mayor, Mr. Milan Ftachnik also took part in the run.

And as always all winners took zero...

Winners of relay run 4x5000

Winners of women halfmarathon

Winners of men halfmarathon

Winners of women marathon

Second and third places contestors of men marathon

The Champion!

The best of Slovak women in marathon

The best of Slovak men in marathon

The best teams - women

The best teams - men


And really big gift!

To see more photos of the event click here.

April 6, 2014. Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

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