Sunday 6 April 2014

Second day of CSOB Bratislava Marathon 2014 event

Bratislava, Slovak Republic, April 5, 2014. The ninth CSOB Bratislava Marathon started with several sports and cultural events in Bratislava, the metropoly of the Slovak Republic.

The second day of events related to the Bratislava Marothon 2014 was full of interesting things. Starting with toddlers competition, children's run and various sport and entertainment attractives, the event continues with Nutrilite Mini Marathon for 4.2 km. 

Finish of Nutrilite Minimarathon

Directly from Rio carnival

Not only people participated in the run

All runners demonstrated great fit...

... and enjoyed the event

The program went on with various fun contests for visitors,

award ceremony for winners,

and presentation of new a book about running.

73 years, the oldest participant of mini marathon

Yoga open master-class

Fitness master-class

Fun contest for children

At 4.00pm started the main contest of the day - Fa 10 km Run.

Stretching before the start

Just a second before the start of 10 km run

First started - first finished :)

More than 840 sportsmen took part in the 10 km run.

The winner finished with good gap over his rivals.

Lukáš OLEJNÍČEK (SVK) - the  winner of 10 km run

Really, it was not too easy for all of participants.

Lucia JANEČKOVÁ (SVK) - the winner of 10 km run among women


Participants and visitors had fun during the event and a spirit of Fiesta flied around.

Winners of 10 km run among women

Winners of 10 km run among men

The evening program continues with BKIS Music Festival.

To see more photos of the event click here.

April 5, 2014. Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
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